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About us

Channel Facilities APAC is a sales consulting and brand expansion company helping you to break through the distribution clutter and deliver results that shape your reputation, build your brand and move your business.

Our team is composed of brand architects who are skilled in building effective business strategies for both emerging and established brands within the Asia-Pacific market. Our passion is geared towards the launch of products that are innovative and/or design focused in the Consumer Electronics, Wireless Carrier, Fashion, Design and Lifestyle retail channels.

We also believe that the definition of success resides in people and partnership, which is why we’ve built up for 5+ years some long relationships with well-respected distribution and premium retail partners in order to bring a careful attention on your brand expansion.

We are located in Hong Kong that we think to be the perfect hub-city in Asia-Pacific to help you achieve your business growth objectives and become a world-class brand.

Meet the CF APAC team Aurelienao87 jolyaurelien cfapac

Aurélien Joly (AJ)
Founder & Managing Director
Languages spoken : French, English, and Chinese Mandarin

AJ is a creative and energetic brand architect with the passion for new technologies and innovative designs. AJ nearly spent a decade in Asia-Pacific after arriving in Hong Kong at first before going to China to discover the culture, the language, the lifestyle, but more importantly the different interpretations of conducting a business in Asia based on different cultural aspects. AJ embraced the opportunity to create his own company Channel Facilities APAC in early 2014 following his entrepreneurial determination. His experience of launching design focused and CE accessory products have helped him to cultivate a first-rate network and a meticulous understanding of who to confide the responsibility of novelty brands with the objective to succeed. AJ has travelled extensively in Asia-Pacific, which gives him today the perfect understanding and the expert eye to architect the business development of brands in each very unique retail landscapes and sales channels that compose the region.
In his spare time, AJ is a very active person who likes all kind of sports with a special attention to Football (his passion), Running and Physical Fitness.

Our skills


We operate as members of your own in-house team, cooperating closely with clients as we consider our partners, and we tailor our services to provide you a comprehensive retail vision, in-store displays, staff training, packaging requirements, and sales forecasts. Before the launch, we also suggest you the right price positioning of your products considering the margin requirements and costs involved for the import in each individual markets of Asia-Pacific, knowing that each one of them have their own specificities and certification regulations.

Business Expansion

Channel Facilities APAC understands that what matters the most to brands isn’t just finding a distribution network ; it’s appointing the right people who know brand building and the way to construct a long-term business.
Our team of brand architects is here to help you elevate your premier brand with our expertise of the diversified Asian markets. We bring multiple years long relationships with well-respected distribution companies and retail buyers.
We focus on growth and efficiency while controlling the Asian cultural barriers and creating the successful solutions for the implementation of your products in the best retail channels including Apple retail, Apple Premium resellers, Consumer Electronics, Fashion, Action Sports, Design & Concept stores.

Brand Construction

“Rome wasn’t built in one day”, and this is why we like to accompany our partners in their journey of success thanks to our connections and knowledge of the Asia-Pacific market.
We provide marketing strategies and we work with top PR companies to build/increase your brand awareness and the demand on your products from end consumers.
We travel all-year-long in each markets to support your partners network and we participate with you to the major international events as your brand representatives.


FUGOO is a technology lifestyle company, wrapping around mobile technologies. Our focus is “Go Anywhere Music”.
The FUGOO Bluetooth wireless speakers bring together numerous leading features that make it easily fit into the most active of lifestyles. The line combines the highest levels of audio fidelity, durability, portability, and personalized style, so music lovers can enjoy it anywhere they go – mountain bike riding, snowboarding, by the pool, a dusty job site, or a rainy campground. Especially notable is the incorporation into one product of numerous best-in-class features that are not available from any other company in the market today.


Element Case establishes the ultra-premium accessories category with unmatched design, precision craftsmanship, and protective style. Designed and assembled in California, we strive to create the best accessories in the world. Each Design is crafted with a specific customer in mind. We seek out exotic materials and hard metals that result in best in class products.
In 2008, Element Case launched first completely customized iPhone case, the Alloy, from a garage in the heart of Silicon Valley. The small start up, and its legendary product lines have evolved into one of the most desired brands in the mobile accessories market worldwide. Our cases protect our personal devices every day against the toughest elements in life. Problem solved.


Case Scenario is a Monaco based company specialized in designing accessories for smartphones, tablets and laptops.
We meet the needs of protection required by your mobile devices by creating covers with innovative designs and high quality materials.
Through our diverse selection of styles based on prestigious licenses like Pantone and Keith Haring, you will get the best of scenarios for your mobile.


Bobino creates functional and personal products. Our aim is to solve the little problems of daily life through simple innovation.
The brand’s aim is to provide products that support people in their everyday tasks by anticipating problems and offering substantial, simple and pragmatic solutions to solve small everyday inconveniences.

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